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About Us

We make moments last forever...

We are Dino and Olgay, two friends with the same passion: photography! We love to capture moments to make them last forever and become immortal.

Our passion is our job, our second language.

If you also want to make your big day unforgettable we are the right people for you.

Thanks to our versatility and the capacity to complement each other's skills we have become an excellent team.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to capture YOUR special day and to share it with your loved ones, again and yet again.

Dino Argentiero studied directing at the renowned Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and is therefore in charge not only of photography but also of our videos.


Olgay Özkan is a passionate photographer and a master of his trade in many fields, from street photography to on-location photography.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,
Dino & Olgay

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